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Portable Moisture Meter

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As most roasters know, moisture plays an critical role in controlling roast profile. Too much or too little moisture can ruin your roasting profile and ultimately the quality of your coffee. Take control of your roast with this convenient and versatile moisture meter - now with a larger LCD screen - click here for product info.

Free shipping from now until May 1st for orders within the continental USA. To place an order email us today.

CSC-1 Seminar coming to San Francisco: April 16-17th

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Okay coffee geeks, so for all you who missed our previous sessions in Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle, we're back! This time in San Francisco, CA.

WIRED: What's Inside Your Cup

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Unlocking Coffee's Chemical Composition: Part 1

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Everyday millions of people around the world begin their day religiously with a morning cup of coffee. Though today we easily identify coffee in its beverage form, it wasn’t always this way in the beginning.

Throughout history, coffee has taken on several physical transformations, initially serving as an energy source when nomadic tribes combined coffee berries with animal fat as an early form of an energy bar. Later it was consumed as a tea, then wine, and finally to the beverage we’ve come to identify today. But how much of coffee’s chemical composition do we actually know?

What's In Your Cup: Sweetener Edition

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A new year has come and for many this means taking on a new set of resolutions for 2014. Take a look at any new years resolution survey and "losing weight" is by far the most popular followed by saving money. 

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