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5 Caffeine Facts You Didn't Know

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Think you know caffeine? Check out these five caffeine facts that will blow your mind.

Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) seminar coming to London, UK

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Interested in coffee science? Then we invite you to take part in our last European seminar to be held in London on Sept 10-11, 2014. The event is likely to sell out so we recommend pre-registering soon. Official registration is now open for those who pre-registered.

The Chemistry of Organic Acids: Part 1

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In the past two series of articles we briefly discussed a handful of important chemical components. This month we will zoom in organic acids and explore their role in flavor development in coffee.

Coffee Science seminar coming to Toronto

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Interested in coffee science? Make sure to attend our Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) seminar in Toronto, CANADA on May 18-19th. Seating is limited so pre-register soon. 

Coffee Science Newsletter

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Interested in receiving more coffee science information? Make sure to sign up for our Coffee Science newsletter and geek out!

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